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Welcome to the Vancouver English Centre homestay program.  Homestays offer the best  accommodation  for international language students in Canada.  Living with a Canadian homestay family is a good way to experience North American culture, while practicing English outside of the classroom.  Your hosts will share family activities, holidays, and Canadian traditions with you.  They will also help you to make other new friends in Vancouver.  Living with a homestay family is a safe, convenient, economical, and just generally practical solution for English language students in Vancouver!

Homestay Host Families

At VEC, our Homestay Coordinators work hard to match students with carefully screened host families with compatible lifestyles.  We aim to provide students with a homestay family that will suit their needs! Our Vancouver homestays include meals and a private, furnished room.  VEC hosts are native English speakers, who really want to help our students improve their English language skills.  You will find your English fluency improving quickly as you practice speaking English with your new host family in your Vancouver homestay!  Click here to learn everything you need to know about Vancouver homestays.

If you prefer alternative accommodation, we will help you locate an apartment or hotel in Vancouver.

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Homestays in Vancouver Canada. Learn English in Vancouver homestays !  Homestays accommodation in Vancouver Canada . Vancouver Homestay

Vancouver homestays are ideal for international English language students in Canada.

Homestays in Vancouver Canada. Learn English in Vancouver homestays !  Homestays accommodation in Vancouver Canada. Vancouver Homestays !

Have fun while you practice your English! 

Stay in a Vancouver Homestay!